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Two of our four kids are home schooled, through a combination of online and in-person classes, cooperative schooling and workshops, and guidance from us. We work from our home office much of the time, and I always wonder what they think about what we do.

Last week, I assigned them each the task of writing a brief synopsis on self employment, and loved getting a little glimpse into their thoughts and impressions about our work.

These are their unedited responses. Enjoy!

Self Employed Parents
By Lydia Switzer, 12

“When your parents are self employed, it’s really different. You think differently, you react differently.

Sometimes I forget that a lot of people have to go to work in an office. I feel like, if my mom worked in an office, she would totally be the boss. (Sorry, dad.) It’s also different because they are real estate agents, so they choose who they work with and when. They take breaks by their choice, and they make their own agendas and working requirements. They are in control.

But the biggest reason I like it, is because they can spend more family time with me and my brothers.”

Having Entrepreneurial Parents
By Elliott Switzer, 13

“Both my parents have been self employed for several years and over the course of this time there have been quite a few changes.

The most notable would be the amount of time we get to spend with dad. His job at the hospital was from 8 to 5 every day. So we wouldn’t see him in the mornings and when he would get home he would be very tired. Now that there self employed there schedules changed and we have more free opportunity to do activities. They also have much more choice on how much they work.

Overall, I think it was a very beneficial change.”

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